Gal Gadot Confirms Sacking of Wonder Woman Film Producer After Alleged Sexual Harassment

The success of Gal Gadot in playing Wonder Woman made Warner Bros. not hesitate to move quickly in preparing for Wonder Woman 2 next year. Brett Ratner who is the producer of this film is also planned to return in the sequel to this film.

But, the planned return of Brett Ratner was first foiled by Warner Bros. at the request of Gal Gadot himself.

Based on alleged sexual harassment that is rife in Hollywood, with Ratner also one of the alleged offenders, Gal Gadot officially stated that he would not star in Wonder Woman 2 unless Ratner was dismissed as a producer.

Brett Ratner was previously reported for alleged sexual harassment by six people, including actress Olivia Munn. In fact, actress Natasha Henstridge said when she was 19 years old, and Ratner was in her 20s, Ratner had masturbated in front of her site, and forced her to have oral sex.

Gal Gadot said that he would not cooperate with people who looked down on women. Feminist in action. In her Twitter account, the Israeli actress explained, “Bully and sexual harassment are absolutely unjustified! I stand with all the brave women to fight their fears and voice their opinions. Together we can. We must unite at this time for a change, “reported by Vanity Fair.

Warner Bros. finally agreed to Gal Gadot’s wishes. Warner Bros. finally broke the contract with Ratner’s company, RatPac-Dune Entertainment, which also financed the film with Warner Bros.

Gal Gadot confirmed this news when interviewed by Savannah Guthrie in his interview with Today. He said,

“The fact is, there are many people involved in this film, not just me, and they are voicing the same sentiment. You know what I mean? So everyone says that this is the right thing to do, but it’s okay for me to say this because everything happened when this message was issued. “

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