The Satirical Story of a Superhero Walling in Power

Starting by explaining what happened to Butcher at the end of the first season: his wife who was thought to be dead turns out to have a child as a result of his relationship with Homelander named Ryan. Becca and Ryan, who inherited Homelander’s powers, live in Vought’s facility. And Butcher plans to get Becca and Ryan out of there.

Continuing the “the boys” fight against The Seven, Annie is still in touch with Hughie to get the secret of Compound V, a unique drug that gives power to anyone who consumes it. They plan to reveal Compound V’s secrets to the public, asserting that superheroes are not born, but created.

And the new character Stormfront, the newest member of The Seven, is revealed to be part of the Nazis and nearly a hundred years old. Even Stormfront has ties to Vought founder Frederick Vought.

Dynamic, Unpredictable, and Thrilling

No less interesting than the first season, a dynamic and unpredictable plot accompanied by growing characters. Each character brings a variety of interconnected conflicts and increases from the beginning to give a satisfying ending.

Of course, The Boys’ strength is not just a different superhero story. Do not miss the story about the abuse of power and popularity that the superhero has. And the presence of Vought as a large company that owns The Seven and Compound V is also only for one purpose: politics and military are only business.

Especially with the appearance of Stormfront, the most racist superhero who defeated Homelander as a villain this season. Stormfront exists as a representation of the white race who spreads racial hatred and triggers war for their own interests.

Not only is the story more thrilling, but season two brings even more action. The Boys have several action scenes between superheroes that are no less than DC or Marvel. Moreover, it was closed with all the girl’s brawl who decorated the last episode.

The end of a new beginning

It’s not wrong to think of episode 8 as the neat ending of the second season, providing various solutions and developments for various characters, both Butcher and his friends as well as The Seven group who returned with the initial formation with the presence of A-Train.

Losing his wife made Butcher have to accept Ryan, a supes born from his wife’s womb. Meanwhile, Starlight must survive inside The Seven to uncover and destroy Vought from within. Likewise, Hughie who tried to get on his own feet; leaving The Boys and a new job seeker.

Conflict is still felt in the members of The Seven. The biggest change is seen in the character Homelander who is left by Stormfront and Ryan, who he considers his successor. Meanwhile, losing Stormfront made A-Train return to The Seven, but not to The Deep.

The final episode reaches a satisfying conclusion to the storyline. Whereas the rest of the series focused on preparing the setting for the next season, Kripke tried to solve various problems, operating as the third act of the second season.

But Kripke still leaves an interesting cliffhanger to wait for in The Boys Season 3. At the end of this series, it is revealed who is the real killer of the terrible events in the courtroom: the congressman Victoria Neuman. And the closeness of Hughie who finally worked with Neuman could be the core plot of the following season.

The Boys Season 2 series is still able to present a dynamic plot from a satirical story about superheroes and power. Some of the characters undergo significant changes compared to the first season. Presents a plot full of surprises. Making it one of the most interesting series this year.

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